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Better Off Alone lyrics


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     Better Off Alone
    >> Avril Lavigne
        the morning is O.K. if i wake up lying next to you
    but mostly of the time ur away
    ur probably cheating on another girl
    and not even thinking of me

    oh boy oh boy i look in ur eyes
    oh boy oh boy and i realize
    oh boy oh boy
    i look in ur eyes and the morning is alright

    but i know that i love you
    and i can't let you cheat on me
    ur probably gonna say that i'm too young
    but i know what to do
    and i'm making this decision
    i think i'm better off alone

    how can you cheat on a sexy young lady
    who knows what to do when ur around
    you know that i'm against it
    and hate it when you leave me
    but i love you the bits
    but i'm not up for it

    bridge x1

    chorus x1


    when you'll say that you'll be home for 10 PM
    that don't mean in my eyes 7 AM
    you know i'd liked to know wich bar you've bin at
    but i know you'll never tell me cuz you've got no respect
    ur too lazy to get ur ass off my parents couch
    but then i say you wanna beer
    than ur always up for that.
    you just can't get enough
    and you think you can handle it with just one touch
    but i know better let you know
    that i'm better off alone
    so please think again
    because this is the end

    chorus x3
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